The beauty world is an ever changing economical industry. People from all ages and socio-economic levels spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to achieve their desired looks. Certain beauty trends fade into obscurity while others stand the test of time. One of those trends that is here to stay is spray tanning.


This trend is endorsed by celebrities, artists and every-day working people. This is why there is much learning and experience to earn when buying a spray tan franchise. Observe just a handful of the benefits of owning franchise properties around the country.

  1. Be Your Own Boss

Any entrepreneur will say that one of the motivating factors for his/her career choice is the freedom that comes with being their own boss. You get to take a hands-on approach to which employees you get to work with at a spray tanning franchise. Setting your own hours is a great perk for business owners. Owning a franchise is perfect for driven, disciplined and motivated leaders.

  1. Loyal Clients

Another one of the benefits of working so hands-on with a company is establishing relationships with clients. As an owner of a tanning salon, you are there to assist clients in their journey to their beauty goals. Clients will frequently return to their favorite locations. You receive a sense of satisfaction when seeing happy clients every day.

  1. Decrease Financial Risk

Investing thousands into a business in which you may not will succeed is daunting. One of the benefits of owning franchise property is having the economic support of an entire established company to assist you. While there is some investment that is required of you at the beginning of your operations, this opportunity is great for entrepreneurs who are yearning for a return on that investment.

  1. Safer Tanning Alternative

Another one of the benefits of owning franchise property in the tanning industry is that you are supporting a safer tanning option to regular outdoor tanning. It is well known by scientists and doctors that the damage caused by UV rays during outdoor tanning can cause irreversible damage. Meanwhile, spray tanning with a safe, organic formula provides a less risky solution to achieving that a healthy glow. As a business owner, you take part in providing a healthier option to clients.

  1. Constant Team Support

Starting an entirely new salon tanning chain takes years of trail and experience to perfect. It can also feel lonely and uncertain. However, another one of the benefits of owning franchise locations include that support of a whole team of experienced professionals that are there to guide you in the process. A superior company is eager to advise with regards to marketing, public relations, and industry information. You are never alone during the franchise owning process. Companies share their years of successful experience to help shape you into the business owner of your dreams.


Business Owner Team working

  1. Reliable Company History

When purchasing a franchise, you acquire a bit of company history. A successful company has already created a model that has proven best and that you get to rely during your ownership. A franchise is also usually already known in the community and the industry. You can take advantage of this professional head start that is provided to few new business owners.

Begin Your Spray Tan Franchise Experience

After reading just a few of the benefits of owning franchise locations in this industry, you may not want to pass up the opportunity. Begin forming a professional relationship with a spray tan company to take advantage a stellar entrepreneurial chance. Help clients reach their beauty goals and gain a sense of self-fulfillment when you work with an experienced and highly-rated company.