Organic Shimmer® Franchise Opportunity

Imagine opening your very own organic airbrush-tanning lounge. Your newest client is a familiar face from last week’s promotional event. Between passing out glam bags and posing for photos, you definitely remember shaking her hand. In just a few moments, she’ll be blown away by the evenness and natural tone of her customized organic spray tan. More importantly, she’s shocked at the revitalized look and feel of her skin!

Organic shimmer franchise opportunity flower decorationAs you walk her through aftercare instructions, you can’t help but admire your work – if a perfect sunless tan is a work of art, a non-toxic one is a masterpiece. Pleased with her new look, your new client promises to return – but not before she buys a couple of Sorrel Tan® products to use at home to prolong her tan while keeping her skin soft and smooth.

That’s it! While spending only 20 minutes with the customer, you have the satisfaction of educating a new client and helping her look and feel beautiful.

At Organic Shimmer®, we’re constantly developing techniques, products and equipment that protect our guests, staff and the environment. Your fashionable salon will serve as a local destination for organic airbrush spray tanning – offering the ultimate in bronzing technology to keep clients safe, glowing and red-carpet ready.

Our franchise opportunity positions owner-operators for growth in the $2 billion tanning salon industry. Industry experts forecast further growth for this $2 billion sector in the years to come. With only 12,443 tanning businesses nationwide and a significant consumer interest in safer, healthier tanning methods, it’s a great time to get in on Organic Shimmer’s® ground-floor opportunity!

Consider this opportunity in the wake of rising demand for chemical-free skin care products – a demand that will boost the organic personal care market to $15.98 billion by 2020. With this in mind and much more, Organic Shimmer® is primed and ready to break the tanning industry mold.

We’ll equip you with the knowledge and resources to design a luminous future.

Luxury tanning franchise interior hallwayOur airbrush tanning salon franchise owners are poised to capture revenue within the growing tanning salon market. Our extensive menu of services, along with our membership program, allows owner-operators to benefit from multiple revenue streams. Whether guests opt to experience our hand-built UV tanning booths or our eco-certified organic spray tan solutions, our technicians are primed to employ the latest, greatest and safest techniques! Our proprietary extraction booths and Sorrel Tan® retail products, combined with our commitment to creating a posh, refreshing guest experience, sets us apart in the sunless tanning world. Every aspect of Organic Shimmer’s® operations prioritizes the care and protection of our clients.

Above all, our approach to business growth is designed to nurture a side of owner-operators that they never knew they had! Organic Shimmer’s® business model streamlines both the technical and client-centric components of running an efficient tanning salon business. With our support and guidance, you’ll be free to enjoy the freedom of being your own boss in a fun and creative industry! From our technology to our products to our approach to customer service, Organic Shimmer® leads the pack as an innovative force in a booming market. Don’t miss your chance to join in on the fun!

Organic Shimmer®

Revolutionizing the Bronzing Industry

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