Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2011, Organic Shimmer® Luxury tanning franchise furniturehas leveraged industry know-how and innovation to revolutionize the airbrush tanning experience. Our sophisticated business model and proprietary technology allows franchise owners to enjoy maximum growth potential. From the moment you join the Organic Shimmer® brand to your Grand Opening and beyond, our dedicated team will be there to provide you with the utmost support.

We’re a team of creative minds shaking up the beauty landscape with a sunless tanning option that keeps guests glowing! How do we do that? Through our one-of-a-kind extraction booths, proprietary Sorrel Tan® retail products, eye-catching design and certified eco-organic airbrush tanning solutions. Organic Shimmer® has made its mark on the industry as a trailblazer, and we’re looking to partner with motivated individuals who will join us in maintaining that momentum. Above all, our natural, organic approach to the art of indoor tanning positions us as an advocate for client safety and optimal skin health. Our clients trust us to provide superior service in a sophisticated environment. We deliver on that promise with everything we do, and we equip our franchise owners to do the same.

We’re sharp, we’re fun, we’re creative, and we care about optimal skin health. We dare you to switch it up and dive into business ownership with this team of winners by your side!

What is the initial investment?

At minimum, the initial investment for an Organic Shimmer franchise is $120,000.

Is financing available?

In-house financing is not available at this time. However, we do encourage interested individuals to explore the many third-party options that are typically available for potential franchise owners.

How much money can I make?

Multiple factors could impact the financial success of an Organic Shimmer® franchise. Financial performance representations are available in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Am I required to work in my airbrush-tanning salon?

Airbrush tanning is an art that is best learned through hands-on interaction. Though prior experience and/or licensing is not required to administer our services, we do require franchise owners to jump in and work hard throughout the startup phase. In fact, we would prefer that franchise owners commit to spending the first ten to twelve months on-site in an active managerial role.

Will you provide assistance with site selection and build-out?

While we don’t offer site location services, we offer guidelines about your site selection and provide a general blueprint for a typical Organic Shimmer® salon.

How can I learn more?

Request more information to learn how you can own and operate an Organic Shimmer® franchise – or, give us a call at 888-998-0850.

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