East Coast versus West Coast is an age-old rivalry that all Americans are familiar with. Is one really better than the other? The fact is, both have some wonderful characteristics, and which one is “better” really comes down to the individual personal and professional needs you have. In reviewing these factors, there are multiple benefits of owning a West Coast franchise that are worth considering.


Cool Culture

One of the most talked-about pros of the West Coast is its relaxed culture. When you think of the East Coast, an image of rushing commuters in a bustling metropolis like New York City is often what comes to mind. While there are obviously many large cities in the western states, their residents tend to be much more relaxed. When more of the population tends to be laid-back, the more likely it is that you will be dealing with easy-going customers who are pleasant to work with.

Amazing Weather

Another great advantage of the West Coast is its moderate climate. While the East Coast is always preparing for the next hurricane or blizzard, West Coast residents get to enjoy consistently comfortable conditions. Not only is this a great perk for you personally, but the chances of weather damage are lower than many other areas of the country. This may mean that you won’t have to spend as much on building maintenance, like roof repairs after a heavy thunderstorm or hiring a professional to take care of frozen pipes.


A West Coast perk specific to those who own a tan franchise is the great weather coupled with all the great beaches. Most of us want to look amazing in a swimsuit, and a spray tan is one way to achieve that goal. This can provide you with a huge clientele that you may not consistently find elsewhere.

Benefits owning west coast franchises

The moderate weather can also save you money on electricity. When the weather is so often “just right,” it’s common that you won’t even need to run heating or air conditioning in your business. This is not a perk you will likely enjoy when you own an East Coast franchise!

Advanced Sustainability

The West Coast is also known for being ahead of the curve in green technology. This is not only great for the environment, but a possible benefit for business owners. Some states offer financial incentives, such as tax breaks, to business owners who join the green movement and commit to sourcing their power from renewable energy. It’s easy to feel good about helping the environment, especially when you can potentially get a little extra cash back in your pocket.

Because eco-friendliness is such a big part of West Coast culture, that also makes it an ideal location to own a tan franchise like Organic Shimmer. West Coast residents are known for their love of the environment, and love supporting businesses that feel the same way. When selling a natural product there, you won’t have to look far to reach your target customer.

Owning a Franchise

Franchises are a great option for new entrepreneurs. With an experienced company and familiar name behind you, you can receive training from experts in every aspect of your business. This means that becoming a successful business owner can be much quicker and easier than starting your own business from the ground up.

With the pros of owning a West Coast franchise in mind, you should consider an opportunity to own a tan franchise with Organic Shimmer. Organic Shimmer is a high-end airbrush tanning salon with a focus on natural skin care. Now is the time to get involved in the fast-growing, multi-billion-dollar industry of chemical-free skin care products. Contact Organic Shimmer today for more information about new franchise opportunities.